Water polo shots are the various ways water polo players shoot the ball.

Lob shot Edit

The lob shot is used when a field player tricks the goal keeper into coming out of the cage. Once the goal keeper is out side the 2 meter line the field player lobs the ball over the goalies head into the cage. :)
Lob shot

The Lob shot

Push shot (water Polo)  Edit

Good for pushing the ball on an attack while swimming in a horizontal position so as to keep the ball away from the defenders. The speed of the shot comes from the player pushing the ball with the elbow going from bent to straight.

Back hand shot Edit

The back hand shot is a great way to score a goal. The goalie doesn't expect you to throw the ball into the goals. You have to make it a hard shot though and just like always aim for the corners Grip the ball between the hand and the forearm. Generally the shot is taken with the head faced away from the goal.

Trick shot Edit

There are so many, it is hard to name them all. Kicking the ball in is a good example.

Another is to draw your defender by putting the ball near him and instead of swimming over him/her when you start to spin leg up,keep your arm straight, and spin around hard releasing the ball at an appropriate time to shoot and catch the goalie off guard- Riley

Tip (deflection) shot Edit

Two players in a line work to make this shot. The first player fires the ball into the direction of the goal. The second player, as the ball comes over or near him, puts his hand up to sweep the ball into the back of the net by giving the angle of the shot a different trajectory.

Overhand (baseball) shot Edit

Player comes to vertical body position and throws the ball with one strong, wind-up motion, generally overhand or three-quarters position.this is one of the most used shots.